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 Coaching programme

​Practical strategies that result in profound and measurable change

Embodied leadership

This leadership coaching programme is a challenging coaching experience designed to help you increase your impact while achieving serenity. 

The methodology combines rigorous executive coaching with  techniques inspired by martial arts, neuroscience and mindfulness, giving you pragmatic tools to stay centered and act skillfully, even under the strongest pressure.

Sessions take place on a monthly or bi-monthly basis - in person or online.  During each session, you’ll set clear goals, explore embodied practices and map action plans to achieve them.

Curious to find out more? Leave me your email address, I will contact you personally to answer your questions.  

Programme details

Real change is embodied.

Your leadership coaching programme may include the following components:


I’m Manu Henrard and I’m an executive coach, recruiter, manager and entrepreneur. I work with leaders to produce new perspectives, fresh behaviours, and fulfilling practices in their lives and businesses. And I love what I do.


State what you want to be

Impactful leaders have a vision and embody their vision. The programme starts with the declaration of your commitment to creating a specific future. You learn to listen to yourself; reconnect with what you care about; create a meaningful declaration on intent; define your conditions of satisfaction, and appoint your support network. This very personal commitment is your unique leadership purpose.

The benefits

You learn how to bridge the gap from knowledge to embodiment.

Embodied leadership coaching is a journey of self-exploration that is designed to:

  • Guide you towards the qualities that will make you a more effective and inspiring leader

  • Teach you to understand your state of mind, how you feel and how you approach problems in order to act skilfully and meaningfully even in times of troubles

  • Explore who you are and who you want to become

  • Deepen your approach to learning by integrating your body, emotions and mind as equal sources of information

  • Develop personal life practices to support your journey towards exemplary leadership

Through this programme, you learn to lead with more consistency, manage effectively through conflict, balance conflicting priorities, listen and share leadership, increase impact, and build resilience to the pressures of the modern business environment. All this through self-mastery and disciplined practice.

Bert Depiere.jpg
Manu has proven to be an exceptional soundboard - listening to the broader setup of corporates and the roles of individuals as well as understanding myself. He helped me understand that I can create options for my future and most importantly Manu helped me define my why and made me aware of my thinking and being mode. Highly recommended !
Bert Depiere, Vice President Fittings - Ideal Standard International

Participant profile

I work with senior executives, managers and entrepreneurs who want to access their full leadership potential.

My clients are people who are operating at or near the top of their organisation. They’re strong, driven, ambitious leaders with high expectations, both of themselves and others. They want to access their full potential, as leaders and as human beings, and see coaching as a way to enhance their performance.

How to get started

The right partnership

A good relationship is essential. After all, we can only make positive progress if we trust one another and if our expectations are well matched. Because of this, I like to meet my clients for an introductory session before we commit to the coaching programme. It allows us both to ensure that our personalities and our attitudes to the coaching process are compatible before we begin.

His way of developing the “person” helped me to work with more serenity in my day-to-day life and hence brought me to a higher level of management. 
Valerie Pierre, Sales Director Western Europe - Microsoft 

Sustaining leadership coaching

What happens after the programme?

For leaders who have completed the Embodied Leadership Coaching programme, I offer follow-up coaching sessions upon request. The frequency of sessions can be customised, with longer coaching sessions where the leader identifies topics or areas for discussion and we can review how the coaching works in a real-world setting.


Curious to find out more? Leave me your email address and I will contact you personally to answer your questions.   

Practical information

I am based in Tervuren (10 minutes away from Brussels). My office address is: Arboretumlaan 46, 3080 Tervuren.

Most of my clients come to see me in person, which I recommend as I believe a physical distance from the client’s usual place of work during coaching sessions is helpful.

I can also travel to see clients, if required and am available to work by video conferencing.

Want to know more?

It’s practical, results-driven and helps you develop yourself as an exemplary leader.

Is coaching right for you? When should you consider coaching? Is it really worth?

Learn more about my background, my training and credentials and how executive coaching changed my life.

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