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My recruitment process

I’ve spent my career developing and honing the process I use to match talented executives with organisations looking for the right leaders.

The briefing

The first step is to talk about what you need.

We meet. You tell me about your organisation and the role you need to fill. I use my recruitment expertise to help you identify the kind of person who could bring something unique to your company.

The search

Great results don’t happen by accident. That’s why I’ve developed specialised networks and a proprietary database of talented candidates. And I use them to find the best-qualified candidates for your position.

The candidate

Recruitment always comes down to people.

I work one-on-one with candidates to help them see the potential of the role and understand the culture of your organisation. This is a crucial part of the recruitment process and I never delegate it to researchers.

Manu has an exceptional ability to " join the dots … He quickly understands company needs and executive ambitions.
Stefano Rivera, CEO, Scabal

The interview

When it comes to interviewing candidates, I focus on a range of factors. Who they are as a person and as a leader. Their behaviour and achievements. And crucially, what they need to perform at a high level and to be happy.

Experience and skill lets me make a judgement call about their ability to perform for your company and adapt to your corporate culture. If required, I carry out an in-depth behavioural assessment to give you a deeper understanding of a candidate.

The hire

Finding a good fit is an achievement. But it’s not the result we’re all looking for. I want to help you hire your ideal candidate.

That means working closely with you and your candidate to coach you through the process. It means dealing with any questions or concerns as they arise. It means minimising risks in the final stages of the search so that you get the candidate you need and they get the role that they deserve.

The follow-up

I build long-term partnerships with my clients so my job doesn’t end with the hire.

I follow up with you and your new recruit regularly to check on performance, integration and satisfaction levels.

I appreciate his ability to do a deep and thorough analysis of short-listed candidates and to match business challenges and capability gaps.
Eugenio Villamizar de Argumosa – HR Director Southern Europe – Bacardi

Optional on-boarding coaching

Taking on a new role can be a challenge for even the most talented senior executives. That’s why I offer executive coaching to new employees. It can help you quickly take ownership of your new job and begin delivering real change in your work environment.

It’s practical, results-driven and helps you develop yourself as an exemplary leader.

A commitment to finding rewarding outcomes for candidates, which will lead to long-term relationships and job fulfilment.

A track record of building successful, fulfilling working relationships with both candidates and employers.

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