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Embodied Leadership Coaching

Embodied leaders have a deep sense of the future they want to create and take actions aligned with their values and vision, even under pressure.

Manu Henrard - founder of NineDots



The leadership challenge

An appropriate response

Many of today's leaders know the qualities they need to face the current complexity: a compelling presence, a noble purpose and a clear vision, the courage to enter difficult situations, an accountability for their actions and a high level of integrity and authenticity.

But figuring out how to embody those qualities, particularly when they are under pressure, can be more complicated.

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Accessing Embodied leadership  

I offer a tailored Leadership Coaching programme to help leaders bridge this gap between knowledge and action. Using techniques that integrate the mental, physical and emotional, I work with leaders who want to develop an authentic leadership style that increases performance, resilience and meaning.


I’m Manu Henrard and I’m an executive coach, recruiter, manager and entrepreneur. I work with leaders to produce new perspectives, fresh behaviours, and fulfilling practices in their lives and businesses. And I love what I do.

My approach

Embodiment is when your actions consistently reflect your values and your commitment, especially under pressure.

My coaching is founded on the idea that the actions of successful leaders should align with what they really care about. For this to happen, leaders must deepen their self-awareness and engage with all aspects of themselves - cognitive, physical, emotional and interpersonal - to find meaning and identify behaviours that no longer serve them. Only then can they begin to reprogramme themselves so that old habits are replaced by new and more effective actions.

This approach requires commitment. Ideas alone won’t alter behaviour. But regular practice? That’s the key to meaningful change and it is a cornerstone of my Embodied Leadership programme.

Manu has the extraordinary skill to teach you things just by listening and asking simple questions.
Ronny Goossens, Chief Digital Officer - Plantyn

Why me?

For more than 10 years, C-level executives have trusted me to help them improve their performance . And they have appreciated the results.

Benefits of Leadership coaching

For coachees

The biggest added value of leadership coaching for the individual is higher performance and inner peace through self-mastery.

By increasing awareness of how old habits can affect behaviour in pressurised situations, people can take a step back, regulate their own behaviour and make more productive choices. With continued practice, these new strategies allow them to embody their leadership ideals, leading to higher performance and profound change.

Ultimately, their relationships are more productive, their resilience to pressure is increased, and stress levels are reduced as they achieve more balance.

For the company

Effective leaders can help organisations focus their talents and energy into purposeful action.

Leaders who have transformed the way they think and behave can successfully lead others through transformative changes. They can inspire with their clear, compelling vision for the organisation’s future and empower people by introducing principles such as agility, self-management, co-creation and cross-functional teamwork. This can deliver both financial success and deep cultural change.

Curious to find out more? Leave me your email address, I will contact you personally to answer your questions.

Thank you, I'll get back to you shortly

Leadership Circle Profile

Connecting patterns of action with habits of thought

I often use The Leadership Circle ProfileTM to help leaders identify their strengths and opportunities for development. It is the only 360 degree assessment that simultaneously provides focused competency feedback while revealing the underlying assumptions that are causing a leader’s pattern of strengths and limitations.

The Leadership Circle Profile helps leaders understand the relationship between how they habitually think, how they behave, and, more importantly, how all this impacts their current level of leadership effectiveness.

I am certified by The Leadership Circle®

Want to know more?

Find out more about the different steps and benefits of my Embodied leadership coaching programme.

Is coaching right for you? When should you consider coaching? Is it really worth?

Increase clarity around your career and take the actions needed to transition to your next executive career step.

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