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Practice Your Lead-Team Presence Through Self-Mastery

Take your leadership team on a transformational journey towards a high-performance leadership culture

Manu Henrard




A journey towards exemplary leadership

"Practice your lead team presence through self-mastery" is an in-house intensive customized for your leadership teams.

The purpose is to initiate leadership transformation processes that transitions your team from successful in term of financial results to highly successful in term of results, sustainability and meaningful productivity. 

This intensive and interactive program provides your leadership teams with sharp feedback regarding their collective impact and guarantees sustainable leadership transformation through pragmatic embodied practices.

The result:  a solid team leadership culture that impacts key business outcomes meaningfully.

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In just a few hours, I learned a lot about myself, I practiced being whole & present to what I care about and now I have the tools to not forget. 
Caroline Thomaes, VP Sales North America- Procter & Gamble
What you will learn

What you will achieve

This is NOT another “tips and tricks” approach aiming to increase leadership skills in a short period of time. 

This workshop is an exploration journey designed to:

  • Create a purpose driven leadership team

  • Increase awareness of individual and collective leadership behaviors 

  • Articulate the outcomes of the new leadership culture

  • Engage practices that will serve the team in aligning with the new declaration

  • Prepare each leader to be centered, compelling and authentic

  • Learn to have purpose-based conversations and take skillful action under pressures

  • Deepen team cohesion

At the workshop, special attention is given to the domains of personal mastery, purposeful leadership and effective team coordination.

The methodology

Manu’s Leadership development approach goes far beyond traditional approach to leadership development (mainly focused on conversation). It teaches how to use mind, emotion and body in service of the leader’s transformation.

The program combines the power of 2 of the most innovative approaches in leadership development. “The Leadership Circle Profile” and somatic coaching.

Somatic coaching is an innovative approach where concepts are introduced and then experienced through embodied practices; the result leads to sustainable transformation through new actions and behaviors that are more aligned with what you care about.

The Leadership Circle Profile is a breakthrough leadership assessment that measures and provides leaders and teams feedback. It builds readiness for change, focus your leadership development efforts and correlate leadership to productivity, profit and other bottom line metrics.


Short Bio of Lecturer

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Manu Henrard is an Executive Somatic coach. He founded Ninedots in 2010 with the personal ambition to combine meaningful productivity and inner peace. 


His current focus is one-on-one coaching for executives (C-level, VP, MD level and High potential staff) and running leadership development programs.

Manu offers a pragmatic approach to leadership development which enhances emotional, somatic and interpersonal intelligence for more productivity and satisfaction. In his coaching, he incorporates technics inspired by martial arts, social psychology, mindfulness and up-to-date neuroscientific research.

Event details

Specifically customized to your organization’s needs

Call me for a brainstorm session. It will allow us both to ensure that our personalities and our attitudes are compatible before we begin.

Once our vision and philosophy are aligned, we will clarify your needs and desired outcomes and we will co-create a customized program that meets these goals.

Finally, we will select the best timing and location to guarantee a high-quality experience for your leadership team.

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