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Career Coaching

My work is my passion and my goal is to help my clients find that same fulfilment.

Manu Henrard - founder of NineDots

Reimagining your professional future

Aligning your career with the person you want to be

Sometimes you need to slow down and ask yourself some important questions. What do you want your future to be? What do you really care about? Is this enough for you? These questions are not always easy to answer and you may need a clear, impartial voice to help you figure things out.

I work with clients to help them see new possibilities, consider new paths, and allow their growing awareness to lead them into making meaningful career decisions. And most importantly, I help them to embody their new choices so that they can transform the way they work and live.

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One-on-One Career Coaching
Programme for Executives

I offer a customised 3-4-month career coaching programme that will increase clarity around your career and support you in taking the actions needed to transition to your next executive career step. The programme may include 6-8 sessions of 1.5 hours and can incorporate executive recruitment advice, if required.


My methodology combines value and self-exploration work, where we identify what you care about, with practical somatic techniques, which help you learn to change behavioural patterns that are preventing you from achieving you career goals.

Manu is a gifted coach with the ability to ask powerful questions that bring out the best outcomes for his clients.
Mahesh Menon, PMO Stream Lead, Asia Retail & Wealth Divestment

Programme details

The programme may include the following components:


A good relationship with your coach is essential. After all, we can only make positive progress if we trust each other and if our expectations are well matched. In this first stage of your coaching, we make a commitment to the process, defining objectives and conditions of success and agreeing timelines and logistical details.

The benefits 

For the coachee

Career coaching can have significant benefits in both your personal and professional life, including:

  • Exploring who you are, who you want to become and how to achieve a more meaningful professional life

  • Increasing your energy level by aligning your career goals with your personal values

  • Learning to manage behaviours that may be holding you back

  • Developing practices that support your journey towards a meaningful career and life

  • Opening yourself to new ways of being to increase your options

  • Embracing a deeper approach to learning by integrating your body, emotions and brain as equal sources of information.

For the company

Studies have shown that clarity about what they care about and how they want to live their lives is the first and most important criteria for increasing employee commitment to an organisation. A more committed work force leads to higher productivity, increased effectiveness and greater profitability.

The combination of "aha!" moments and feasible practices initiated a real change in my life.
Caroline Barbieux, HR Director, Schweppes

Participant profile

My career coaching programme is designed for senior executives, senior managers and entrepreneurs.

They may be eager to progress in their current organisation and want to prepare themselves for a new role or promotion. They may be starting their own business and looking to create a firm grounding on which to build. Alternatively they may be considering a change of career or organisation and want to begin their job search. Potential clients may also be entering or leaving the job market and want to do so in an effective way.

What all my clients have is common is that they want to reach their full potential, in both their professional and personal lives and they see coaching as a way to achieve this.

Curious to find out more? Leave me your email address, I will contact you personally to answer your questions.  

Thank you, I'll get back to you shortly

Why me?

For more than 10 years, C-level executives have trusted me to help them improve their performance and find inner peace. And they have appreciated the results.

How to get started

The right partnership

I like to meet my clients for an introductory session before we commit to the coaching programme. It allows us both to ensure that our personalities and our attitudes to the coaching process are compatible before we begin.

Manu is a committed and true professional. He has recently been a strong source of inspiration to me. Anybody considering coaching should read Manu's posts. If triggered, quickly book a session. You will like it!
Jean Charles Malherbe, CEO, Produpress

Practical information

I am based in Tervuren (10 minutes away from Brussels). My office address is: Arboretumlaan 46, 3080 Tervuren.

Most of my clients come to see me in person, which I recommend as I believe a physical distance from the client’s usual place of work during coaching sessions is helpful.

I can also travel to see clients, if required and am available to work by video conferencing

Want to know more?

It’s practical, results-driven and helps you develop yourself as an exemplary leader.

Is coaching right for you? When should you consider coaching? Is it really worth?

Learn more about my background, my training and credentials and how executive coaching changed my life.

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