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Building a better future, one person at a time
I’m a coach and a recruiter and I have a simple goal.
I want to help leaders increase lasting i
mpact and achieve serenity.

Manu Henrard - founder of NineDots

What I do

I bring a creative, holistic approach to coaching and recruiting.

I help leaders become more impactful and resilient and I help organisations recruit high-performing, inspiring and responsible leaders.

Who I work with

Here are just a few examples of clients I have helped develop their leadership potential and make powerful recruitment choices:

Cecile Beliot  
Group Executive Vice President, Bel
Great understanding of our business needs and culture, high level of commitment and very strong expertise on the Belgium market.
Timothy Manuel,
Managing Director, Renault
His great network in Europe is a strong added value to find the perfect candidate.
Valerie Pierre,
Sales Director  WE, Microsoft

I started coaching with Manu hoping to solve business issues. I ended up with much more powerful, creative and efficient solutions than I had first in mind. Those helped me work with more serenity and brought me to a higher level of management.

Leadership through the body

A new programme (in French) is planned for February 2024!
Learn pragmatic practices that will help you increase leadership presence, clarity and impact under pressure.

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