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Leading global
cross functional teams

Case study background

Meet Ingrid, a seasoned executive in a fast-paced technology company.

Ingrid has been tasked with leading a critical project that will significantly impact the company's revenue growth in the next fiscal year. However, Ingrid is struggling to manage the project team, which includes members from various departments and geographic locations. She's finding it challenging to get everyone on the same page and aligned towards a common goal. Despite her experience and knowledge, she's feeling overwhelmed and unsure how to move forward.

Coaching objective

Ingrid needs to develop her ability to lead a cross-functional team towards a common goal while managing the complex dynamics that arise when working across different departments and geographies.

Coaching in practice

  • Conduct a Leadership Circle Profile 360° assessment to identify Ingrid's strengths and areas for development in relation to leading cross-functional teams.

  • Use embodied practices to explore Ingrid's leadership presence, including physical, emotional, and interpersonal style.

  • Provide ongoing support to help Ingrid balance her own workload with managing her team effectively.

  • Explore Ingrid’s challenge in managing team members who are not meeting performance expectations and identify alternative strategies for aligning everyone towards a common goal.

  • Facilitate a One-Team building retreat to help Ingrid build stronger relationships with team members and develop trust and collaboration across departments and geographies



After 12 months of coaching, Ingrid has developed new leadership skills and strategies that have had a significant impact on the success of the project.

By focusing on her leadership presence and developing trust with team members, she was able to align everyone towards a common goal and manage complex team dynamics effectively. The project was completed on time and within budget. I was glad to hear Ingrid's improved leadership abilities have positioned her for future career growth and advancement within the organization.

Names have been changed to maintain client confidentiality

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