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Three ways to make a meaningful choice

I’ve been coaching and recruiting Senior Executive for years now and I’m still amazed by the amount of leaders who, unhappy of their job, decide to fix the outside (read “find another employer”) before exploring the inside.

The result: they often get the same experience of not feeling “home” and lack enough leadership to achieve their “new goals”.

Of course our way of being is influenced by our environment. We find more energy in a meaningful job shared with people with the same human values.

Still to avoid getting the same result, a job change is the right time for leaders to take a close look at their inner experiences. This way, they will reconnect with what we they truly care about and take more meaningful decisions. As Einstein said: “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it”.

Below are three areas you can start with:

1) Be aware of your moods, they always predispose you to act in a certain way. As a leader your decision will be different from a mood of resentment than from a mood of being of service. What would you say is your predominant mood? What mood is unavailable to you? How does it impact your decision making?

2) Increase the awareness of your language and thoughts. Pay attention to the internal conversation you have, the ones who run on auto-pilot: What does it say about what is important for you? Do these inner conversations serve you? What could be a more productive way to look at things?

3) Be aware of your body, the way you use it determines how you perceive the world. How often are your out of balance? Start a regular centering practice. It will help release your frenetic thoughts and physical tensions and reconnect to a more peaceful state of choice.

Leaders who take the time to listen to themselves open doors to unexpected career opportunities. In touch with what they truly care about, they finally can become exemplary leaders.

Manu Henrard

Executive Recruiter & Leadership Development Coach


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